Thursday, January 29, 2009

February Mailing campaign

Vincent Van Gogh attempts to show his affection for the subject of Toulouse Lautrec's painting, Yvette Guilbert.

This is the painted art from the sketch posted earlier.
This will be one of 3 or 4 images that will be included in an e-mail campaign during the month of February to advertise my illustration skills to existing and potential new clients.
If you would like to be included in my e-mail campaign you can sign up on my web site here....

There's a spot at the top of the page to sign up. It's free and it doesn't come out too often to be spam.

I submitted this image for Illustration Friday because Toulouse had to do a bit of "Climbing" to get on that stool.

After having finished this painting I am considering doing some Artists portaits in this style.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I have decided to do a new piece of art for an email campaign in February.
The image will be loosley associated with the idea of Valentines Day.
Basically the idea of love.
I have 3 ideas in the running.
here they are...

Two male Elves flirting with a female elf and a fairey. Obviously inspired by my last project.
The left side of the rough isn't completely developed yet.

The local pizza place full of people who love pizza. It will be painted in black and white and red.

This one is about an artists love for his model/art.
Toulouse Lautrec is defending his model/art, Yvette Guilbert, against the affections of Vincent Van Gogh.
I mixed in as much of both artists as I could. They are in a studio similar to Van Gogh's "Bedroom at Arles," and the view outside of the window is of "Starry Night."
The cat and dog are from lithographs by Toulouse. The dog showed up a lot in his lithographs.

I need to pick one to take to finish by the first week of February so that I can get the email campaign out.
So if there's anyone out there actually looking at this blog, I welcome your vote for the one you like.
Just leave a comment and I'll pick the one that is most popular.

I will most likely bring them all to a finished state eventually, but not before the end of February.
So, if you have any constructive criticism about composition, or anything else please leave a comment about that too.

Color art for A Big Bug

Well, I finished the interior art for the elves story.
I'm pleased with the outcome.
I'm waiting to hear comments from the client.
Here are the finished pieces from the previously posted roughs.

I sent in the rough for the cover.
I kept it simple.

We'll see what they think.