Thursday, April 23, 2009

IF- Impossible

This weeks word is Impossible.
My word play method wasn't getting me anywhere this week so I just started thinking of impossible things.
I didn't like anything I came up with so I took a break and went to the Library to get some books/magazines to flip through at home.
We're making a frog pond in our back yard so I picked up a copy of "Birds and Blooms" because we need to put some plants around the pond to make the future residents feel safe at the pond.
In the magazine was a series of photographs showing a caterpillar making a chrysallis and turning into a butterfly.
I have always wondered what went on inside that thing, so I started thinking of impossible things that could happen,
and so I drew the image below in my sketchbook and painted it up in watercolor and colored pencil as a color study.

The truly impossible part of the image is that he actually made that shot. That's a curve ball if I ever saw one.

Below are a couple of details from the image.

I like the way the fly came out. I went through several sketches to get the right feelling of a hard impact.

Who would have thought an innocent little chrysallis could be so violent. Must have a bit of venus fly trap in him.
I'm afraid to imagine the butterfly that will come out of it.

I have several ideas for little animated movies based on what could happen with a chrysallis now. I guess I'll have to dust off my old copy of Flash and see if I can make them.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good news

I just agreed to do some art for an interactive company.
They looked at my website and liked my digita art.
This is a new "area" for me. Art for the internet.
So I'm happy to get the chance to work on projects with the company and then have my kids be able to interact with my art.
I can't say anymore because I haven't signed any contracts yet, but I had to tell someone.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A tree fell in the woods

My thoughts are on spring and all of the things that go with it.
Warmth, green growing things, and fantastic creatures.
These creatures are feeling the pull of nature.

Watercolor, ink, and colored pencil on watercolor paper.

Friday, April 10, 2009

IF- Fleeting

Two weeks ago the word for IF was - Poise.
By definition it's a unit of measurement of viscuous liquids.
You try to illustrate that.
I was tempted to do a drawing of Bob from "Monsters v Aliens" sitting on a scale.
But I decided not to, too simple.
So I went with my usual method of sounding out the word in as many different ways as I could to come up with an idea.
I came up with more than one mispronunciation that I liked so I picked the one's I liked most and worked them into one idea.

Last weeks word for IF was - Talisman.

Again I have always liked to play with words and throw the wrong word, or a word that sounds similar, into a sentence and see what happens.
So when I rolled Talisman around in my head the song "Day O" got kicked out of one of the wrinkles in my cerebellum and I started singing, in my head, " Come Mr. Tali-sman, tali me banana."
I liked it. It was funny to me.
The image itself is not really funny. It's more of a dry humor approach.

This weeks work is - Fleeting.
Which is perfect since I couldn't get the last two weeks drawings done in time.
So for me time is "Fleeting" for me, but I still get a chance to post the drawings I have made.
Let's sing...
"Time keeps on fleeting, fleeting, fleeting into the future.
Time keeps on fleeting, fleeting, fleeting into the future...."

I can't wait to see next weeks word. Can you?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mamma Mia's Pizzeria

It's been a while since I have posted anything.
That's mostly because freelancing has been slow and also because I can't really show the projects that I have been working on.
I can say that since my last post I have illustrated a 7 page story, finished 2 maps and started another, designed and created the art for some Halloween and Christmas window clings, finished the painting below, and started one of some gnomes in the woods.

Mamma Mia's Pizzeria by Robert Snyder watercolor, ink, and colored pencil on watercolor paper

This was supposed to be part of mailer campaign in February but I couldn't get it done in time.
I will probably use it this month. I need to sit on it for a few days and relook at it.