Friday, April 10, 2009

IF- Fleeting

Two weeks ago the word for IF was - Poise.
By definition it's a unit of measurement of viscuous liquids.
You try to illustrate that.
I was tempted to do a drawing of Bob from "Monsters v Aliens" sitting on a scale.
But I decided not to, too simple.
So I went with my usual method of sounding out the word in as many different ways as I could to come up with an idea.
I came up with more than one mispronunciation that I liked so I picked the one's I liked most and worked them into one idea.

Last weeks word for IF was - Talisman.

Again I have always liked to play with words and throw the wrong word, or a word that sounds similar, into a sentence and see what happens.
So when I rolled Talisman around in my head the song "Day O" got kicked out of one of the wrinkles in my cerebellum and I started singing, in my head, " Come Mr. Tali-sman, tali me banana."
I liked it. It was funny to me.
The image itself is not really funny. It's more of a dry humor approach.

This weeks work is - Fleeting.
Which is perfect since I couldn't get the last two weeks drawings done in time.
So for me time is "Fleeting" for me, but I still get a chance to post the drawings I have made.
Let's sing...
"Time keeps on fleeting, fleeting, fleeting into the future.
Time keeps on fleeting, fleeting, fleeting into the future...."

I can't wait to see next weeks word. Can you?


Rui Sousa said...

Lovely one. A true example of a really well done work! excellent choice about the subject! regards

Rui Sousa

"V" for Vera said...

I really like your style. This work is worth the time you spend. thanks for creating it. =)