Monday, January 4, 2010

It's 2010

It's a new year!
It's fresh. It's clean. And ready to draw on.
So I've been considering what to do with 2010.
First off, I picked up this book...

I will be reading it from cover to cover this month and then applying what I learn from it to my book art throughout the year.
I will review the book either as I go along chapter by chapter or as a whole. This is my first book review so I'll figure that out as I read it.

Secondly, I have decided to take a lesson from the "Old Masters" and do some self portraits.
The plan is to do one a week. Probably on Mondays.
This is the first one. Pencil drawing done in about 20 min.

They will be done however I feel like doing them that day. Pencil sketch, watercolor, whatever.
The plan is to help develop my observation skills.

Thirdly, I will be doing a lot of black and white inked art this year.
I have noticed lately, that when I go to the book store, I am attracted to the line art of the chapter books for boys/girls.  

Forthly, I will be searching for a "focus" for my children's art.
I will be playing with creating a small group of characters to star in my art.
I have a few ideas, but I will be experimenting in my sketchbook for the next couple of months to see what comes up.

I have also decided to focus on the "Old Masters" in my own way.
Particularly, Vincent Van Gogh. He has been a favorite of mine for many years and I find myself thinking of him a lot lately. I believe I will be writing a story featuring Vincent. I don't know if it will be fact or fiction or a mix of both.
I have this idea of doing some cartoony fact sheets. Each would focus on an "Old Master."

That's all I have figured out so far.
We'll see how it goes.....

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Loni Edwards said...

Love the idea of the self portrait every week. Nice work on this week's! VanGogh is my favorite "Old Master", also. Love his use of movement and colors. Happy New Year!