Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Val Girl

This is the second pass on the girl art I'm working on.

Here's the first rough for comparison.
You'll notice that I changed it quite a bit.
For the girl I ditched her head band and added a knit hat and scarf that I found on the web. I think it makes her look cuter and more dressed up. It gives her a better head shape as well.
My intention is to make this a February/Valentines image.
The girl is holding a "love" letter that the Postal bird will be delivering for her.
Since I made the letter bigger in the second rough I also decided to make the bird bigger.
Instead of the little chickadee type of bird I'm going with a Blue Bird. He's already dressed in the right color for the job of Postman anyway.
I'll be repositioning the bird so he sits properly on her finger.
I searched the web for dog and cat pics so that I could make the animals more realistic. One of my goals for this year. Less cartoony.
 I will be shrinking the cat so that she's smaller than the dog. The dog may get a little bigger.
I'll experiment with moving the cat more to the right to strengthen the pyramid composition.
If you see anything else to comment on let me know.

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