Monday, September 27, 2010

White Bird

The White Bird likes to wear Wigs.
It's not easy to paint an all white picture.
I can't do it. I know because I really tried with this one.
I like color. Kids like color. You like color.
So, the white bird has hints of color in her, and she has a nice red/orange wig.

I'm not sure the background is finished.
I'm considering putting a pattern on the wall.
Like this...

That pattern was added via photoshop.
I am purposely avoiding digital methods for these paintings so that the painted art is the same as the printed art in the book. So is I do a pattern it would either be simpler or have bigger elements in it.

This is the 3rd go at doing the White Bird.
The first one was this...

White Bird watches TV.
To me it's funny. But because he's asleep like a lot of dads who watch too many sports shows on Sunday.
I got comments about the "wife beater" shirt and all that's missing is the beer. So I rethought it.

The second one was going to be "White Bird goes for a walk."
It didn't get finished because I felt it was too boring.

After thinking about it. I felt that there needed to be another girl bird in the book, and she should make eye contact with the reader. Open eyes make the character more likable.

Now all I have to do is figure out the cover art.
I also need to figure out the type treatment or find a graphic designer who wants to do the layout for fun or his/her portfolio. I'm not asking, I'm just saying.

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