Friday, December 17, 2010

The day after Christmas

This is a work in progress.
It started out with this sketch from my sketchbook.

An old guy on a vespa because I was searching for a motorcycle image on the web for a client drawing and some vespa images came up.

This is where I am at so far...

Since it's winter and Xmas time I decided to portray the guy as Santa.
I didn't want to do Santa in his work clothes, he doesn't deliver toys on a vespa after all, so I put him in his street clothes.
Then I decided that he would be headed for a well deserved vacation, thus the Dec 26th calendar page and Miami sign.
I'm working on the background now.
You can see that I have some snow drifts back there.
I'm thinking that I'll have to add something in the far background to breakup the blue sky.
I might put his workshop back there.
I think I may add a trailer loaded with luggage being pulled behind the vespa to add to the going on vacation feel.
Let me know what you all think of the image so far.
I'm looking for comments on color, contrast, detail, does anything look "off," that kind of thing.

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