Wednesday, May 6, 2009

IF - Hierarchy

This weeks word is Hierarchy.
If you do an image search on Google all you get are a bunch of pyramid graphs show how one thing is more important than another. So that didn't help me come up with any ideas.
So I went with the basic idea of who is more important and where they stand in the rankings.
I had started out with a group of birds in a tree, but decided that I wanted to do other animals and bugs, so I move the setting to a swampy area full of long grass and cattails. The basic idea was that each critter was looking at the others trying to figure out who was "higher."
Looking at the image you see that the little bug is the highest so he must be at the top of the Hierachy.

Ink, water color and colored pencil in my sketchbook

But if you continue to look at the image you'll see that one of the other creatures is actually more important. Let me know if out figure out who it is.

Just for fun you'll also see a movie reference in the image. let me know if you find it.

I colored this image while substituting for an 6th grade art teacher, not as fun as you might think, using her colored pencils.
They were made by Reeves. I didn't really like the way they went onto the paper. I prefer my Berol Prisma colors.
I wouldn't recommend the Reeves to anyone.
When I have the time I will rework this image a bit and paint it properly on water color paper with watercolors & ink, and possibly some colored pencil.

After drawing this one up I did come up with an idea for an image that mangled the word Hierarchy. Which is what I usually do to the word of the week.
I haven't drawn it, and I probably won't. Even if I did I couldn't post it here as I intend to keep this blog kid friendly.
I will tell you what the idea was.

Jughead, Betty, and Moose are all walking through the hall way at Riverdale High. They are walking past the girls locker room when they hear Veronica's voice saying,"Higher Archie...Higher Archie."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful image. Really well done.

Coreopsis said...

This is a really fun picture. I like all the "stuff" in it--characters and plants, all doing different things. The colors are wonderful too.

Linda Cecilie said...

Beautiful!! I love your style and this pic is amazing!!