Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Self Employed?

Well, it's time to admit to myself that freelancing isn't going to be the best way for me to earn a living in the near future.
The economy has either made my clients disappear, cut back, or go overseas for cheaper art.
I still have a handful of clients that want me to work for them, but the income from these client just won't keep me afloat.
So I am looking for a full time Creative position somewhere in the U.S.
Relocation is not a problem.
Below is my resume.
Please feel free to click on it, and drag and drop the file to your desktop to pass it on to anyone who may be interested.

I'm not giving up on freelancing. I've just come to realize lately that I'm really missing the interaction of the team experience.
I've been sitting in my studio alone for too long, and I've kind of lost my way as an artist.
I need to get re-energized by working with others to achieve a goal.

Speaking of goals, I do have 1 self motivated project that is is the concept stages.
See, I like to fish and camp, casually, not professionally. So I'm thinking of doing a pamphlet or small magazine/booklet on fishing and camping in Northern Indiana.
Here's the rough art for the cover, minus type.

I'm thinking of calling it...The Casual Campers guide to NW Indiana.

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Kelley said...

This is coming along wonderfully, I can't wait to see it finished!