Thursday, June 11, 2009


Back in High School some friends and I were in Mrs. Bluhm's Art Appreciation/History together.
At times the class consisted of looking at one slide after another after another. That got pretty boring.
So we would draw little pictures and pass them around to amuse each other.
On one of those days the slides were of one Cathedral after another and we got bored fast.
So we started doodling.
Mrs. Bluhm was pointing out some details on one of the buildings and a particular one caught our interest and became the subject of our doodles.
I was reminiscing the other day and drew this in my sketchbook.
May I present to you.....the Flying Buttress.

Back in the High School days it was just a butt with wings.
Today it's a balloon full of hot gas.

It's painted in my sketchbook using watercolor for the blue background, and acrylic and colored pencil for the rest.


Coreopsis said...

Pretty darned funny. I didn't even notice that it was a butt until I read your comments. I like the technique (and the concept).

Karen Smithey said...

Very funny! Everyone here at my house will love this one!

jazzlamb said...

This is simply priceless:)
I love it. I absolutely love it!