Wednesday, July 8, 2009

George Washington slept here.

((I posted this to IF because it has a "shaky" connection to history.))

Yesterday I started the color work on the George Washington drawing posted a couple of days ago.
This afternoon I finished him up.

The reason the background is washy and incomplete is that I intended for it to be cropped out to have a white background.
Like this.

The overall coloring is in green because he's standing behind the frame of the dollar bill.


Art Fan Ako said...

Nice Washington caricature!

John said...

hahahahah not only that but the dollar it'self is shaky at best hahahahahahha

Loni Edwards said...

This is a very nice illo! Great idea!

I followed your link off SCBWI. I added you to my follow list. You do great stuff :)