Monday, July 13, 2009

Line up for Lincoln

For the last several days I have been working on new art for my portfolio.
I'm gearing up for a new push to make a presence in the children's illustration market and to put a foot into the editorial and advertising markets.

As a part of that I have been working on images of famous people. Starting with Historical personalities.
The previous post showed the finished art for Washington.
This post is to show the line art for the Lincoln rough.

After doing the line art for Lincoln, I decided that he needed a background element. I decided to do an outline of the state of Illinois. The Land of Lincoln.

Today I will be starting to paint him up with watercolor and pencil. I haven't decided yet how I will paint him since all of my reference is black and white. I'm leaning towards a sepia tone approach, so we'll see what happens.


I painted Lincoln today.

Watercolor and brown and black colored pencil.

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