Friday, March 19, 2010

IF - Expired

I found a great new way to combine two weeks worth of IF topics this week!
I started to do a piece for last Fridays topic - Subterranean but didn't have time to finish it.
So it fits perfectly into this Fridays topic - Expired.
Here's what I was able to do before time expired.

It's The Moleman and his minions in their subterrannean lair playing charades.
It's The Moleman's turn and he's trying to get his team to guess his word.
He's doing the 4th syllable - jar
See him acting like he's trying to open a jar?
His word is Kilimanjaro.
The guys on the opposing team, on the right, are telling him his time has expired - it works twice.
As you can see, I was still working out how to draw the minions and what the background was going to look like.  I couldn't remember what his subterranean lair looked like back in the 80's.
If you look a little longer you'll probably see the John Burne influence from my comic book collecting days.  He was the big cheese when I was really into comics.

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