Monday, March 29, 2010

New rough concepts

I'm working on rough ideas for more portfolio pieces.
This one is pretty easy to read. It's a nice bright country scene of two boys fishing with their pet dog.
I the lower right corner will be a Kingfisher who has caught the first fish.
The background will be the lake and the shore with a simple fishing cabin.
I'm seeing a blue green lake, a dark brown-black tree and reflected light on the boys/dog.
As you can see I still need to take a good look at my dog reference to get his anatomy correct.
This one is my idea for the IF web site.
The word of the week is "rescue."
This is my mermaid rescuing a sea turtle from a fishing net.
I'm thinking a purple and yellow fantasy type of color scheme would be good here.
Her hair will fill up the top right corner of the image.
I wanted to do some simpler images as well, so I started drawing a character that filled most of one half of the page. I wanted to get a info page in science book feel.
This guy is holding up his peanut butter sandwich. The facts would be printed on the white part of the bread.
I'm not sure what she will be holding up yet.
Any suggestions?
I will be doing some paintings of characters standing on their own for practice/filler.
I believe I'll be doing a few more rough ides before I start painting any of them.
I would like to work up a night scene and probably a winter and rainy scene also.

Part of the reason for doing these illustrations is to solidify in my mind how I draw/paint people.
Another is to see if any of the people start to reoccur and become characters that I can show in multiple images.

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