Monday, October 5, 2009

First Thursday class at the Art Institute

The first class started off rough.
First of all it decided to start raining before I left for Chicago.
So I drove in the rain.
Then I parked downtown and walked in the rain to the Art Institute, only to be told the class was in their building across the street. So I went there and waited for the instructor to open up the room and start the class. 3 of us waited until 6:30 for the 6:00 class to start, only to find out the class had been moved to another building a short walk in the rain away.
After that everything went well.
The instructor was organized, prepared, and a very good presenter.
We started off with introductions around the room.
It turns out I'm the only guy in the group.
Lisa, the instructor, then talked about picture books, and read and discussed a couple.
We were then given a box of toy animals to pass around and pick one out of it.
I chose a pig.
We were then required to write-
5 adjectives about the animal of our choice off the top of our heads.
5 verbs to describe the animal.
where the animal lives.
What does he want for his birthday.
His name.

The next exercise was to smell a bar of Dove soap and write down our 5 first impressions.

That was all to warm us up to do the next exercise which was to do a quick 5 frame telling of the story "Cinderella."
Here's mine....

The part on the upper left is it.
As you can see, I cheated a bit and cut one of the panels in 2 to do mine.
The rest of the page is my note taking, and a guy who walked by when I was waiting for the class to start.

That was pretty much the first class.
It looks to be a good class.

Our assignment for this weeks class is to take the cinderella story and pick 2 different times and locations for the story and then redo the story with 8 to 10 roughs for each of the two times/places.
I've settled on Transylvania in the 1400's for one of them, so that I can draw halloween characters.
The working title for my retelling is "Cinderellastein"
The other goes even farther back.
It will be Pangea at the time of the invention of fire and the wheel. I will of course be combining cavemen and dinosaurs. Yes, I know it's wrong, but it's fun.
The working title for this one is "Uh!" The last sound you make when you say Cinderella.
There won't be any words, just grunting.
So now I have to look up some reference to use and bring in for class.

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Cyn Narcisi said...

Robert, I took this class with Lisa a few years ago and it was life changing! The best class I ever took. You'll love it!